Thursday, February 09, 2012

Cameron vacillating on gender quotas

Despite today's reporting of the Cameron line on gender quotas it appears that Mr Cameron is shifting his line. Whether he is under pressure from donors one can only speculate. This is the position earlier today,
David Cameron has said he will not "rule out quotas" as a way of getting more women into top executive jobs.

At a summit in Sweden, the PM said he wanted to "accelerate" the increase in women on the boards of top UK firms, preferably without resorting to quotas.
But now according to PA he is saying the following,
"I do not favour quotas," he said as the leaders set out their views
after the discussions.

"We want to try everything short of quotas - a range of positive action
but stopping short of a positive discrimination in law.

"I think we should try to go as far as we can on this agenda without
taking that step."
Not sure about you, but given the fact that the EU is pushing through a 30% quota,
Women should make up 30% of top management in the largest listed EU companies by 2015 and 40% by 2020, believe MEPs. If voluntary measures fail to boost the number of women in senior positions, EU legislation must be used.

Women currently make up 10% of directors and only 3% of CEOs at the largest listed EU companies. As the number of women in corporate boards is currently increasing by only half a percentage point per year, it will take another fifty years before boardrooms have at least 40% women, says a non-binding resolution on Women and Business Leadership adopted by MEPs on Wednesday.
this looks like hedging his bets. After all he could rule out legislation, but he doesn't.


WitteringsfromWitney said...

Is this not a case of jumping the EU gun in view of Reding's statement that if member states don't bring this in on a voluntary basis, the EU will legislate? (Reding speech last year)

Sean O'Hare said...

Ah Jeezus! What's the the next daft bit of social engineering? How about 10% of every boardroom must be gay? Given the attention given by most British companies to satisfying shareholder expectations maybe they already are!

Brian H said...

Aren't there already enough boobs on boards?