Monday, August 01, 2011

European Parliament agog with gossip


Quite the most outrageous email resignation I have ever seen popped into all 6,000 internal mail boxes. Purporting to come from an official working in the Queastors office it makes a series of allegations against senior staff and reasons for employment, (Names removed to spare etc....)
After speaking to a number of people about this I think it is only fair to point out that the official in question has not been well, and as such should be protected. To that end I am removing the email.

However I do think that though this email was extreme, and fairly fruity I think that it touches on a problem that has for long been felt to bedevill certain aspects of prefferment in the Parliament. Whilst the casting couch is infamous in certain business sectors, and is reprehensible, it is doubly so in the public sector. I don't think that those who are named in this mail are in any way guilty as charged, but the Parliament would do well to look into the question properly.


Anonymous said...


OldSouth said...

Ay caramba! Lucy, dose peepuls doin' all sorts of strange things!

Dey in charge of Europe??!!

Ay caramba!

Lucy, we in biiiig trouble!

ukipwebmaster said...

Lol! This is what google translate comes up with:

So, I decided to resign from Parliament because I learned some funny things about you. Indeed, it seems you fornicate with XXXX XXXX, and more, eat your cats XXXX, XXXXX and XXXXXX. If this is not a shame, right? These women have good jobs so that when we pass a competition, it remains blocked. The small XXXXXX is the same official as it has never made a competition. XXXXXX has never made a competition and it is AD and XXXXXX, it's been ten years it is the EP (???) So, if we suck the cock of the SG for a job, it's really disgusting.

Same thing for the mother XXXXX, she had a kid from the old and now she is XXXXX XXX.

So, good return of Parliament after a well deserved holiday.

faithful servant of Princess XXXXX XXXXX (known as the princess bitch)

Anonymous said...

I have received this mail today. What she says is possibly a sad truth, but the persons she talks about are close to the top of the hierarchy and I'm pretty sure she hadn't the right to do that. So I hope for her she has serious proofs of what she claims, because sending a notice doesn't allow one to go against the laws.

Loftytom said...

Dear me, I thought that the Eurocrats were only fcuking us, mais no. Tout des Eurocrats sont des petit DSKs.
Zut alors!

Anonymous said...

@UKIP webmaster it seems you missed out some important stuff, for example, eat your cats = is eating pussy. Hat tip Guido Fawkes.

"Dear Secrétaire général,

Dear Freddy,

So I’ve taken the decision to resign from the PE [European Parliament] because I’ve learned some funny things about you. In effect, it would seem that you are fucking █████ and that also, you are eating the pussies of ████, ████ and ████. Don’t you think that’s shameful? These women hold interesting positions and even though others are qualified, we remain blocked. Little █████ is even a civil servant but she has never passed the course. █████ has never passed a course and she is █████████, and she has been at the PE for 10 years. So, if it’s necessary to suck the SG’s [Secrétaire Général] cock to get a position, it’s truly fucking disgusting.

It’s the same thing for the mother ██████, she’s had a child by the old ████████ ████████ and she is the SGA. [Secrétaire Général's Assistant]

So have a good return to parliament after your well deserved holiday.



Faithful servant of Princess L (AKA the Slut Princess

Span Ows said...

I just want to know why every time I come to this blog about 10 browser windows open.

Span Ows said...

just happened again after I posted a comment and wanted to go back to the homepage.

Anonymous said...

Oh Christ give us the names. Some 6000 people saw this email, come on!

Gawain Towler said...

Sorry, but giving names is unfair on those particularly who are in less senior positions who have had allegations made against them.

Not on this blog

As to the opening of a dozen pages, it does the same to me, and being a techno-ludite I have no idea what the bug is that does it, nor do I know where to go to stop it happening. It only happens with one sort of browser (which is the one I have here). I will try and do something about it

Anonymous said...

Using Google translate will not get you laid in Brussels or Paris. It may however cause problems with their equivalent of the RSPCA or gain a job at a Korean restaurant.c

Daniel1979 said...

EE used to open many pages for me also, but when I upgraded my browser it stopped.

Anonymous said...

that was such an OTT message it defied rational understanding.

Starting with "I resign ..." as if the lady was relinquishing a political position, instead of the more normal "I quit".

And after all the allegations against senior people, she calls her own line manager the "slut princess" with no explanation.

just sad really

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the better translation anon

To the other anon on the high horse. Of course she's throwing a prissy fit. But I cant say I blame her if its true. Sounds like Old Klaus has got a good thing going on at taxpayers expense.

EU civil service is about as political as it gets, don't be naive and think they aren't the ones that really get things done

Anonymous said...

I hear the woman who sent this is a really nice old French lady who is taking early retirement. A friend of mine works with her and apparently it's all pretty common knowledge but no-one could believe that she sent it to the entire EP!

The Sec Gen is on holiday at the moment but Freddy (his chef de cabinet) ordered all the emails to be recalled and the IT department has since censored all the emails that relate to it as everybody was emailing it around!

bewick said...

Not true, as someone here said, that this is mainly a public service issue. I worked once at a high level in PS. I did only once see a rather unqualified woman promoted rather beyond her competence because it seemed she'd slept with her boss. One or two others did that but lived in hope and were never actually promoted. Just used.
Then again, some years later,I came across a woman Chief Exec of the DHSS contributions agency. She had started life as a typist. Looking at her I would guess she eventually became CEO purely on merit and luck.
Also later I did some consultancy for a major stockbroker. There was a woman there, in a powerful position, who had no talent, skills, or qualification whatever. Everybody apparently knew she got her power literally on her back for a previous CEO. I never could understand why. She was a fat miserable and nasty bitch and eventually I refused to extend my contract just because I could no longer work with her.
Point being that it happens everywhere and hopefully only rarely. Then again I am more than prepared to think that EU apparachiks are arrogant twats more than prepared to abuse their positions.
Just saying.

Anonymous said...

I'm seeing awful images of Katherine Ashton here - and too soon after lunch :-)