Thursday, May 19, 2011

Onanism for euro nerds

Cor this is beautiful.

Go on, have a play. See how many regulations were created about Agricultural policy in the field of Afgricultural Structures by 1980, I can tell you. 38 Directives, 52 Regulations, 242 Legal Decisions and 342 Legal Acts.

Created by a Danish Team they also have a bunch of other toys to play with, all nicely EU focused.

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Ed Butt said...

They're big on equality in the EU so they're working on giving every citizen in ever member state their own personal directive, regulation or policy.

Javier said...

It really seems too much bureaucracy, yes.

Anonymous said...

If there's one law which harmonises and replaces 27 laws in 27 countries, how exactly is your liberty reduced?

Anonymous said...

Truly beautiful! Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Just like time-lapse photography of a very nasty disease growing in a petri dish.

Trouble is, the EU, like MRSI, is immune to almost all antibiotics.

Alfred of Wessex