Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saudi begins to play the Climate Game

I suppose it had to happen but Saudi Arabia is making pitiful faces in the light of the the $100 billion UN Climate Fund,
Saudi Arabia said that it would need help to develop solar power and financial aid to diversify, as it was "among the most vulnerable economies", dependent on oil exports whose use may be curbed under a climate deal.

"Impacts are expected to be massive and deep," it said of countries dependent on fossil fuels, noting that oil makes up half Saudi Arabia's gross domestic product and 90 percent of its export earnings.
Oh for pities sake. Surely Saudi Arabia is in the position to set up Solar Power without recourse to this humongous tax. Indeed, given that the Kingdom isn't famous for its cloud cover one might have thought that they would have already started doing just that.


Ed Butt said...

Naturally the Saudis will get what they want. If anybody tries to argue they will just sell the oil to China and India instead of the west.

Anonymous said...

Intersting though how 50% of the workforce in Saudi are immigrant workers from other places.
Just a thought.

Gawain Towler said...

Methinks that the Saudis will have no compunction in deporting workers who are, ahem, surplus to requirements.

banned said...

Dunno why all the sunny parts of the world are not already covered in solar panels, they have been around for long enough. Free energy, what's not to like?