Monday, November 08, 2010

So sue me too, you axe-murderer

John Hirst, the Jailhouse lawyer really does have to get over himself. With that lack of self knowledge so common amongst the headline chasing 'I know my rights' types he so personifies he is threatening Guido, Jeremy Vine, the BBC et al with the Courts for Libel.
Dear Mr Staines

I email you to inform you of my intention to sue you for the libels against me by yourself on the Jeremy Vine Show and your blog

I also intend to sue Jeremy Vine and the BBC.

As you are fully aware that I was convicted of manslaughter and not murder, there really is no legal excuse for your conduct.

Nevertheless, I am offering you the opportuntity to reach an out of court settlement of my claim.

Yours sincerely

John Hirst
John, you cut your landlandy up with an axe bludgeoned your landlady to death with an axe handle. Deal with it, some will not allow you the convenience that you allow yourself, your manslaughter verdict does not in any way diminish your responsibility in my or many other eyes. To me you are an axe-murderer, and what is more I describe you as such in conversations, on line and elsewhere.

So go on, add me to your list of legal targets. Because that email and threat just has to be the most pompus thing I have seen in years.


jailhouselawyer said...

I am putting you on notice to remove the libel against me or face the legal consequences.

CIngram said...

I can see this is going to be fun. Can you link to a transcript of the trial or something that confirms that he did in fact butcher an old woman with an axe (not just newspaper reports)? I think we should all be Spartacus here, but we need to know the facts very accurately.

Mike Wood said...

I'm struggling to think what any of us could possibly write that could further damage the reputation, in the mind of any right-thinking person, of someone who was imprisoned for killing an elderly lady with an axe - whether that was pre-meditated or "excused" by any of the reasons that courts accept limit people's ability to know that hitting old ladies over the head is wrong.

How are unimportant people like us supposed to damage such a person's reputation more effectively than he did by making such an ar*e of himself on national TV last week?

Any writs for defamation can be served by email at

haddock said...

I'm sure I was calling the axe murderer an axe murderer before you were Gawain, so I would be on the list of people sued I presume, Hirst ? .... I really don't want to be left out of a legal pantomime.

I assume the action will be funded, like everything in your sad life Hirst, by you dipping your hand in our pockets ?

Autonomous Mind said...

Gawain, in the interests of accuracy, might I recommend you correct post?

Hirst did not cut up his landlady with an axe. He bludgeoned her to death with the blunt end.

The intent and the outcome were the same. Bronia Burton died at the hands of a violent, unstable, vicious individual who killed her because she didn't want him to go out. He then copped a plea in court and has shown his contempt ever since.

Hope this helps. AM.

banned said...

I heard the Paul Staines interview with Jeremy Vine and thought it very poor stuff, Guido clutching at straws for exposure.

As for John Hirst who bludgeoned his landlady to death, but did not dispute the charge of "murder" on-air, he has done his time (+ 10 years for in-gaol misbehaviour, seemingly) and has the right to be heard.

Gawain Towler said...

AM thanks for the clarification

jailhouselawyer said...

I not that already Paul Staines/Guido Fawkes is engaging in a damage limitation exercise and has altered some references from "Axe-murderer" to Axe-killer".

The power of the law.

Unfortunately for Guido Fawekes/Paul Staines it is too little too late, and the libel remains in the url.

It is worth pointing out if a libel is done with malice then the damages are far greater.

haddock said...

so Hirst, got your legal aid sorted ?

or are you going to get a job to pay for the action ?

Anonymous said...

legal aid is not available for libel