Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Going viral

That Farage video from last week seems to have gone, what I understand is the t'interweb vernacular, viral. I have counted about 400,000 hits, which for a political video ain't bad going in 5 days. (And the foriegn language ones I haven't tracked.
Best of all it has been picked up by commentators in the States. Of all sorts of complexion. The Huffington Post flagged it up thusly,
UK Independen­ce Party MEP Nigel Farage tells the European parliament a few home truths about the Irish bailout and the Euro being largely to blame

Just brilliant

This is a hostile economic takeover of nations and enslavemen­t of millions on people into debt they didn’t even incur.

Berlin is telling Ireland that since their government is collapsing under Euro, it would be inappropri­ate to have a general election.

Who the he// do they think they are?”
This was accompanied by the Daily Kos - not your normal fertile ground for UKIP you might have thought.

Europe is now in a state of panic and rightfully so. The Dominoes that have been falling are now picking up speed, dropping one by one pushed by those that stole from all of us, The Banks, and Wall St., the Robber Barons of the World, who are now putting their boots on the very heads of the working poor and taxpayers to bail them out again and worse: to go after even more.
I was watching an amazing video (below) of Nigel Farage enraged and yelling at the European Union Parliament: "The Euro Game Is Up... Just Who The Hell Do You Think You Are? You Are Very Dangerous People"
The game is up indeed, Mr. Farage, and first and foremost we can thank our own United States Savvy Wall St/Banks for beginning this vicious catastrophic plague, this now, run-a-way train with no brakes, and no light at the end of the tunnel. The result will be world wide misery and despair unequal in many of our life times.
Panic ensued in their comments sections. How dare these good caring types flag up a speech by Nigel Farage? How dare they... This ís the Kos

I was unaware until this evening that the video I included in this diary, with Nigel Farage apparently is considered a racist by many on this website. As of 7:27 pm PST, my time, I asked several times, to provide me with proof of that fact. I looked this up myself and could not find anything on this. I received on notification on this justification at the same time: 7: 27 PST. I deeply apologize to this community for not knowing that this man is apparently a racist, but I would like to again state, that this does not change the basic theme of my diary.

The Irish people just got sold out, by the EU, and on the line are their pensions, and this is going on all over the world. I compare this to the upcoming Cat Food Commission and who is going to held liable for the Toxic Debt, that the Banks, worldwide, are still hiding off the books.
And this the stuff on Huff,
UKIP is a pretty nazti party. Take anything they say with a shovelful of salt.

They're like a well-dress­ed tea party with good grammar...
Yeah right and so on. There again the fact that Glen Beck put the speech up on his show last night might have something to do with it,
GLENN: Now, there's something else that is going on in Europe that I find fascinating. Europe is on the brink, and I want to play this audio from an amazing speech given on the floor of parliament, the European Union parliament, and this is a British European Union parliamentary member and he is reading the EU the riot act. Listen to this....
For them to come out I mean, you should see the video. The video's on TheBlaze.com. If you see the video, it is it shows the people that he's talking to and it shows the other ministers from the other when he says, you know, look, he looks like he's seen a ghost. You see him there with his head in his hands. I mean, this thing is coming undone. And exactly what we said that they would do is push us into an even greater society.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Ah, the racism slur as keejerk. To be expected from tiny-minded yank lefties.

Dick Puddlecote said...

S'funny to read Beck being confused between Barroso and Schulz though. ;)

banned said...

Liked and upthumbed this and a few other uploads a couple of days ago.
Hope someone stuck upfor Higel at Huff and Kos, no way is he a racist.