Monday, March 22, 2010

UKIP News review

National news

Marta Andreasen is noted by Bruno Waterfield in the Telegraph (print edition)

"Britain has promised to resist an increase in the European Parliament's budget that raises the cost of each MEP to a level four times higher than a Westminster MP. European Union officials have proposed a £119million budget increase next year, taking the annual cost of the parliament to a record £1.6billion...The planned 6.5 per cent increase in 2011 also breaks a 22-year-old promise by the parliament that the cost of MEPs would never be more than a fifth of the EU's total administrative budget...Marta Andreasen, a Ukip MEP and member of the budgetary control committee, accused Brussels of hypocrisy at a time when the EU is urging governments to implement cuts. "The European institutions are preaching economy for all except themselves...'"

Something I missed on Saturday is Diana Wallis's rather pompus response to the William Dartmouth affair,

As to the incident with the Earl of Dartmouth MEP, his microphone was cut off, not because of his views on Arctic policy, but because of a series of personal attacks on Baroness Ashton – who was sitting yards away in the chamber – which I, as vice-president of the parliament, considered unparliamentary. Simon Hoggart should know that even the great Erskine May on behaviour in the Commons now leaves to the Speaker the discretion to determine what constitutes unparliamentary language in that place.
Well yes, she does, but that calling somebody the 'Sarah Palin of the ex-student left' hardly counts as an egregious insult now does it?

Nigel Farage is in the Kent news

Wales on Sunday doesn't seem to approve of us, though its description ok UKIP policy (and its comprehension of the difference between a Friday and a weekend are somewhat awry.

Marta Andreasen is reported in the Olive Press (and Enmglish language Spanish paper) defending the rights of property owners.

Otherwise we have some reaction in the bloggosphere to the Nigel Farage interview in the Times,

Iain Dale isn't wildly impressed,
Eurosoc has a point, after all she descibes Farage's attack on Van Rompuy as 'abusive' yet then throws all caution to the wind with her own vitriol. Maybe she is just taking the Times' shilling and following up its complaints of the time. Hypocritical though.

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