Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Sublime Porte of entry

Farage has reacted with some anger to news that the three establishment parties are all supporting Turkish entry into the EU,
Establishment Parties all agree Turks should be allowed to move to the UK

The Foreign Secretary, William Hague and the Lib/Dems, Ed Davey all agree Turkey should join the EU. "They seem to care more about the Levant than they do about the UK", said Nigel Farage. "In order to appear inclusive they reject the opinion of a vast majority of their own country".

Between them the three establishment parties show yet again the utter contempt they feel for the people of Britain. No poll has ever suggested that Turkish entry into the EU would be anything other than wildly against the wishes of Britain".

To witter on about immigration policy in the EU as Ed Davey did is absurd, and if he doesn't know it then he should resign from his post. The fact is that the UK can do nothing about immigration from within the EU, and if Turkey was to join then 74 million Turks could, if they wished, move here. The provisions available to stop them are meaningless as the evidence from Bulgaria and Romania has shown." he went

Milliband says it is "remarkable" that there is agreement amongst the three establishment parties. It is not remarkable at all. They all believe that Britain should cease to be a self governing country, just as they agree we should remain in the EU. They are a shower who deserve to be thrown out of all their offices as soon as this election finally comes".

Not only is this stupid politically for the big three it is also morally reprehensible when it comes to Turkey. The years of blandishments from Western European politicians about possible EU membership for Turkey has an enormous and damaging impact on the body politic of Turkey itself. The majority of secular, democratic politicians in Turkey have aligned themselves to the hope of EU accession. This sort of statement from teh Hague/Miliband/Davey troika gives them hope.

But the fact that France Austria and possibly othetrs are allowing themselves referenda on the subject means that there is no way Turkey will join.
In turn this makes the decent Turks look like dupes of the west, and plays seriously into the hands of the Islamists who are continualy gaining ground in Turkey.

Way to go boys, way to go.

We should offer Turkey preffered trading status at least, or full free trade, but not offer false hopes of accession.

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