Monday, May 25, 2009

Stupid Tory boy says "keep the black scum out of this great country"

David Cameron recently refused to back down from his claim that UKIP were "racists mostly". Other than the fact that that is patently untrue, maybe he should look a little closer to home.

Craig Alan Bougen is, as he say here today Chairman of South Staffordshire Young Conservatives, and it seems he is also a Parish Councillor. Charming bloody racist. Either that or somebody has nicked his mobile and is uploading these comments on somebody elses profile page.
There again it seems he has form when it comes to causing trouble

A couple of hours later, and lets see, has something changed?


UKIP Gaze said...

The Tories are deeply insecure on this issue. I wonder why? Oh..

Anonymous said...

Some of the Conservative future aren't all bad however:

(He's just been purged - how very Soviet Union)

Gawain Towler said...

Rather pleased to read about that, as a former York Tory Chairman myself it is good to see that the tradition continues.

Now come on Mr Isaby, you know it makes sense

Tory Outcast said...

Has this chap been kicked out as well? It seems a little hypocritical that I am kicked out for suggesting another party while this bloke can spout racist nonsense with impunity. Perhaps Iain Dale should get on the case?