Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Nice day for a holiday

Rather amused by the discovery that on the BBC website collection of British Political Party websites if one was to click on the link to the UK Independence Party yopu were taken not to here, but to here.

Now they look like very nice holidays, and just the sort of thing after a couple of months hard campaigning, but not quite the thing for the BBC to be doing.

Hopefuly the link will have been changed by now, the chaps at the Beeb were a little bit embarrased when I phoned to poiont out the mistake.


Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Actually with crushing irony you have yourself placed a comma instead of a dot in the link to the Party website... :)

Sporting And Stuff said...

UKIP !!!!
Just Keep Up Your Posting!

Anonymous said...

Just for once I am prepared to give the BBC the benefit of the doubt and accept that they did not do this deliberately. After all, the BBC would hardly want to remind people what a beautiful country this is.