Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Libertas UK: A clarification

I have just been sent this basic clarification of the situation of Mr Ganley's Party in the UK,

Just a small clarification.Just about everyone is using the name "Libertas" to describe Declan Ganley's adventure into British politics.

This is not in fact accurate."Libertas UK" is a registered political party according to the Electoral Commission. The registrant was Bridget Rowe, the former Sunday People editor. Thus "Libertas" in the UK context correctly refers to Ms. Rowe and her party.

Ms. Rowe is not part of Declan Ganley's adventure. Declan's adventure has been registered under a rather different name, for Electoral Commission rules state that names that are too similar cannot be used (this was after a party called "The Literal Democrats" registered and were thought to have acted by some as a spoiler).

That name is "New Dawn for Europe:".It could be thought that this clarification is simply hair splitting but there is a serious note to it. Continually referring to "Libertas" as meaning Ganley will lead to his publicity and electoral efforts being associated with that name, Libertas.

But that name will, if it appears on the ballot papers, not refer to Ganley's party. What will appear on the ballot papers is "New Dawn for Europe:" and it seems logical that the adventure should be described as such.

We rather assume that Declan Ganley would also prefer for his party to be referred to by what will appear on the ballot paper. "New Dawn for Europe" perhaps. Because he is, after all, campaigning for people to put their X by his party's name.


Anonymous said...

The People's Front of Judea and the Judean People's Front????

Anonymous said...

No, the peoples front ear.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off Ganley you cunt, UKIP all the way.