Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Czech Government falls, Klaus now holds the reigns.

Marek Topolanek, PM of the Czech Republic and current President of the Council of Ministers has been defeated in a no confidence vote in the Czech lower house.

The vote was knife edge thin, 101-99 in the 200 member assembly.

It is thought that Vaclav Klaus may well have been involved in the toppling of the ODS led government, in part in response to the way in which Topolanek has been driving through the Lisbon Treaty.

This is the first time that a government holding the EU presidency has ever fallen and leads to interesting questions such as.

Who will take the EU's place at the G20 - Vaclav Klaus?

Klaus now has until October to create a new Government but it is unlikely that any caretaker Government chosen by him in the meantime will be gung ho pro-Europeans.

So the Treaty is hung out to dry for the moment.

That Vaclav bloke, he is a hard bastard.


Vindico said...


banned said...

Presidential Heads Of State are supposed to be impartial but the Vaclav Klaus' views of the EU, as it is currently formed, are pretty well known.

Anonymous said...

you are quite wrong on this, the president has practically no power in Czech Republic. He can only bark, but not bite. Which is sometimes bad, ´cause he is right in many things. That Lisbon thing IS a big piece of shit, no doubt. Klaus is making the opposition, which EU needs.
To the politics - probably the political power will be overtaken by Jiří Paroubek, which is quite shame, that man is pretty arrogant bastard.

Anonymous said...

"This is the first time that a government holding the EU presidency has ever fallen and leads to interesting questions such as."

You're wrong, look to the 1993.

Anonymous said...

Gawain Towler said: "So the Treaty is hung out to dry for the moment."

Let us hope that is true, and also hope that the drying is permanent.

Anonymous said...

"Czech Government falls, Klaus now holds the reigns."
Klaus now holds the reins. It's an equestrian metaphor.

Anonymous said...

Great News!

multi monitor said...



At least Vaclav Klaus would be able to point at facts that are contradictory to this climate hysteria, before Europe really gets lost in the woods. A president in one of the member states of the EU is after all a rather big player.

Unknown said...

Hip Hip, Hooray!!!

Maybe now politics will gain some Common Sense!!!

God Bless Klaus.

Anonymous said...

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zeleneye said...

I agree with liwo. The only sensible post on this blog I have ever seen.
Klaus is a grade-a idiot. Thankfully, as president, he has no power. He also holds no "reigns" (sic) or even reins.

SUPER PC said...