Thursday, October 16, 2008

Something fishy going on

The Centre for the New Europe describes itself thus
CNE is named for the "New Europe" now being born through the European Union's daring, historic experiment to unite some 500 million Europeans in peace and freedom. As an active member of civil society, the Centre sees itself as part of that grand ambition to create a free, prosperous and peaceful Europe.

It has been over the years the leading centre right liberal think-tank and has been the host of the most fun night on the Brussels social calender, the Capitalist Ball.

So imagine my surprise when I was told that this year's event to take place on the 11th November has been 'postponed'. Not only that but it has been rebranded and postponed. Not only that but it has been rebranded, postponed and postponed so much that people are being sent their money back. This is the link to nowhere on their website

The rebranding by the way has its new name as 'The Liberty Ball', no doubt the little darlings are scared that people are affronted by the name capitalist. Shame really, it was always fun walking past the far left anarchist campaigners whilst wearing best bib and tucker.

The front page of the think tank announces that the CNE blog will be back in October - well if they want it to do so they had better hurry up. Perhaps the cashflow is a issue? Maybe paying their bloggers £50 per post might have been part of the problem?

There are also dark rumours about serious financial issues at the Centre, rumours that have come to me from very well informed people.

Meanwhile the boss of the organisation Stephen Pollard is scarpering off to be the new Editor of the Jewish Chronicle. Is it a case of fats leaving a sinking ship?


Anonymous said...

The nicest loony lefties I ever met were the student branch of the Communist Party of Great Britain. At NUS conference in the late 80s all the sinister lefties had stalls selling dowdy vanity publications and daft little badges crafted in a Tufnell Park bedsit.

Not the CBGBs though. They were doing a roaring trade in Communist Party brand filofaxes and champagne.

Hypocrisy or merely unlocking brand value?

Gawain Towler said...

I remember setting up a stall opposite the SWSS rag seller at an NUS conference, and flogging the Beano. Outsold them by a factor of 1:50

Sadly it wasn't my idea, but I helped