Monday, June 23, 2008

So now you know

Key quote from Margot Wallstrom,
"Don't forget the European leaders have invested a lot of political capital into this whole procedure".

So here you have the authentic reason why the Irish vote must be ignored. Because the European elite have worked hard.

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Anonymous said...

That German fellow has a point. Europe has lost it's soul. It used to be a lot of fun. It used to be a common market - a feisty free trade affair, jeux sans frontiers, spicy wine and foreign food, loaded with passion and differences, but all loosely together. You had to show your passport but you didn't need a visa and so you knew you had just crossed into someone else's country. Crossing a border was a formal event bringing you to a place with different traditions, with a different history - somewhere magical precisely because of its differences!

We might have been brought together by a coal and steel trade agreement or a lot of agricultural subsidies but it was the prospect of lasting peace, prosperity and freedom in Europe that made it an exciting project.

You can't bind half a billion people, in more than two dozen nations, together with isoglucose protocols, tax harmonisation, and common asylum policies. It has to be much more exciting than that!