Friday, March 14, 2008

The level of debate

From my periodic snarls of impotent rage you will no doubt gather that I sometimes despair about the level of debate in Brussels. Europeanism is a form of religion and as such it brooks no argument. After all, proof denies faith.

Dan Hannan has pointed out recently a number of times how it seems to be that those who favour ever deeper European integration are perceived as 'nice' whilst those who oppose it are perceived as 'nasty'. This attitude to apostates carries itself through no matter the empirical evidence. No matter how gentle, reasoned and indeed reasonable one may be holding contrary opinions are beyond the pale, whilst no matter how vile the calumny, if it is uttered by those who hold fast to the faith, it is brushed off as nothing. (see the YouTube video below)

So imagine my delight, surprise and yes anger when at the bar last night, as I was buying a round, those I was drinking with called over and told me that somebody had stuck something to my back. Below is the picture illustrated.

Now this is not something that has happened to me since I was doing my 'O' levels but it is a symptom of what we are talking about. I looked around the bar and the average age must have been 30-35. We are not talking children here. We are talking about the pub nearest to the European Parliament. Its clientele is a mixture of political staff, commission and other institutional officials, lobbyists and a smattering of journalists and other assorted Brussels' flotsam and jetsam.

The message is clear. To whoever stuck it to my back, I am a Nazi transvestite, (with it must be said a remarkably good body - Tim Curry eat you heart out). What it makes plain to me is that rational debate is not of much value, and my opinions are so far beyond the pale as to be ignored. After all nobody even bothers to debate with a Nazi. Their views and opinions can be dismissed out of hand as unworthy of consideration. Basic facts such as my belief system being one of individual freedom rather than state socialism is neither here nor there, I am as a Eurosceptic not to be accepted as a moral equal in any way. I am dismissible, not merely that but I am also a priori evil.

I guess I should be flattered by the fact that somebody bothered to find a photo of me scribble on a moustache, glue it to a club flyer and lie in wait for me. I must have made somebody uncomfortable.

But rational, empirical debate in Brussels? I am obviously in the wrong town.


Trixy said...
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Trixy said...

I'd do you.

But you must understand, just because we are the ones who are trying to bring about demoncracy and accountability and stop them with their 'new world order' and European Empire we are the ones who are Nazis.

Yet another illustration as to why we must leave, because they are dangerous and mentally retarded.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your demand for proper debate on the EU issue instead of people engaging in childish behaviour. Whoever made that picture is as silly as those idiots who were running around dressed as chickens recently. It seems that there are only clowns on both sides now.

Gawain Towler said...


If I could take it seriously I would say that one was a daft stunt to highlight an issue, the other a personal and childish attack.

Not quite the same thing really is it?

Vindico said...

You do look fetching. I think it is the watering can what does it!

Anonymous said...

Some things just ain't funny and painting that sort of hair and moustache on anyone is one of them.

Gawain Towler said...

I have to admit that the hair is all my own

Anonymous said...


Mike Wood said...

and it's been ages since you had a moustache

Mark Wadsworth said...

Tee hee!.

The Aunt said...

Oh come on. Great boots.

Someone was just jealous.

Anonymous said...

Listen dear, as I am the one who pointed out it was on your back in the first place, I obviously didn't want it there. You know I disagree with your party. It has nothing to do for me with opposing European standards or policies. It has to do with your fellow party members spouting hatred. For example looking me in the face and saying the poor are disposable. I am poor so therefore, according to your fellow men, am garbage to be flushed out of the system. I would like to see the Bulletin UKIP prints to be more full of suggestions and less full of whining. IMHO. Of course then there is that windfarms are changing the rotation of the planet bullocks that I still find amusing to this day. So as you drink Belgian beer, eat French cheese and screw mainland women you should perhaps all think it is not often what you say but how you say it and perhaps the respect you can command from living it.
Of course this is nothing personal

Gawain Towler said...

Not sure if jealous is the right word, but I will go with it.
Hmmm, sounding a tad pissed off. Look this peice is written with my topnue firmly placed in my cheek, and it refers strongly to a general apsect of how disputes are regarded in this town. That is that a different perspective from the general consensus is not just inaccurate but in some way morally wrong.
As to some of my colleagues, I take your point. Manners and a rcognition of human fraility are never a bad thing.
As to the Bulletin, its editorial purpose is to let the UKIP membership have an idea about soem of what is happening in their name in the EU institutions. We have other publications for the more positive messages which we have.

Anonymous said...

Bring me one! Seriously.