Monday, February 25, 2008

The 'Chicken Run' video

This YouTube film is of the Chicken protest last week in Strasbourg. It contains impassioned oratory, and high farce - and your correspondent getting rather hot under his suit whilst remonstrating with the Parliament's Head of Security. The point is of course that while those who are pushing through the Constitution use the language of democracy, what they are doing is using the tools of technocratic totalitarianism.


Pete North said...

This kind of vid from the euskep camp is exactly why no-one listens to us. The words were powerful enough without stupid little englander music dubbed in. Would not show this vid to any of my friends for that reason.

Probably a ukip release and exactly the sort of embarrassment that makes it difficult to work for the party.

Gawain Towler said...

You have a point on the music, oddly enough the vids are not made by Brits, but your point still stands. I will have words

Chris said...

Does it really matter about the quality of the video production at this point? I think at this point it would take Churchill, Nelson and Henry V raising from the grave on live TV to generate the required spectacle to force the referendum.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, north jnr, the "Little Englander" resides solely in your head.