Thursday, January 24, 2008

So what do we do now

As predicted the Constitutional Affairs Committee have in their wisdom granted the President of Parliament the arbitrary powers that he requested.

Amongst those paragons of democracy that voted this disgraceful measure through were a clean sweep of the mainstream British political parties. For Labour we had the egregious Richard Corbett, rule maker and flouter in chief. The man who in clear breach of Parliamentary rules sold his own book for profit on the premises of the Parliament. A complaint went to the Queastors who have never got back with a response. They do not punish their own of course. For the Liberal Democrats may I present Andrew Duff. The author of The True Guide to the Lisbon Treaty. Duff and Corbett are co-authors of the hagiographic Parliament report on the Constitution that will be passed without dissent in Strasbourg on the 19th February. And for the Conservatives support for this was given to Timothy Kirkhope. Formerly leader of the Tory delegation, his last reshuffle removed Daniel Hannan from the Committee and gave himself the nth Vice-Chairmanship.

They are a shower and should be pelted with eggs and rotten vegetables whenever they have the ill-advised chutzpah ever to appear on England's shores again.

Irrelevant aside.
Go and take a look at Kirkhope's Website and see if you can spot the deliberate mistake? Something to do with this,
"Brown Must Resist Threat of More Qirport Eed Tape for UK's Hard Pressed Passengers" Eh?

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