Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cavada's dictum

Jean-Marie Cavada was until yesterday the Chairman of the increasingly powerful Civil Liberties Committee in the Parliament.
In his last speech as chairman, Jean-Marie Cavada stressed that Freedom, Security and Justice now accounts for 16% to 18% of the preparatory work of all the institutions. ‘LIBE has become the most productive committee’. Given the progress made in this area by the Treaty of Lisbon, this is only the start....
The outgoing chairman concluded: ‘Society needs regulation. The economy
cannot claim to protect individuals against what it produces
It all rather depends on what sort of regulation we are talking about doesn't it Mr Cavada. If it is the sort of regulation that proscribes such actions as theft, murder and rapine, then I go along with you.

But if it includes such daft ideas as banning Patio heaters then no, no and no again. The market is quite capable of working that sort of thing for itself thank you very much. And frankly looking around this Parliament I would trust industry a thousand times more to get it right than you lot.

Picture lifted from Rueters

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