Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What on earth did she think?

Some wag sent me the link to the Amazon page for Oona King's memoires as a suggested Christmas present. Ho Ho Ho
But I foolishly glanced at the reviews and saw this,
"King describes the hell it is to be accountable to constituents. People recognise you in the supermarket and tell you their problems. She gets deluged with post".
God the pressures of office, I am not sure how she could cope. And what does this reviewer suggest that we the unwashed should do in the presence of our political masters?
"You learn from this book how to deal with MPs. Don't be tempted to tell them your problems, ask them what it's like in the House of Commons or advise them what needs to be done to save the country. People give them far too much importance, which is unfair. Just give them unqualified praise if it's appropriate, and seek to change your own world in the tiny ways you can".
I sometimes wish we could restrict the franchise.

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