Friday, November 30, 2007

"Twats"...Well she said it

I went along to The Centre (gut churningly self-described as a "think-do tank") last night, for the launch party of Zoe Mccarthy's book of the blog, "My Boyfriend is a Twat".
The keynote speaker, barring of course Zoe was that paragon of the Brussels blogosphere, the Propaganda Commissioner herself Margot Walstrom.

To be fair to her she was on very good form, and I paraphrase,
"I am a reader of Zoe's blog, but did not understand what a Twat was, so I went to my Swedish/English dictionary to find out. There was no word between 'twang' and 'twit'. So I had to look further. And discovered that I already knew what twats were, they are the commentators on my blog".
Others in attendence included Rachel North, Spanish Goth, Daphne, Tippler and a host of others.


the doctor said...

I think that I like Margot Walstrom , it makes a change for an E.U. Commissioner to have a sense of humour . Who know maybe the commenter's on her blog are twats .

zoe said...

Great article, Elaib - and it was good to see you there :)

Citizen_Stu said...

I don't think we met but I was there as well. It was a fun night.

Gawain Towler said...

I have to admit having had a quick wander round her comments section she may well have a point. Both those who attack and those who consider themselves leaping gallantly to her defence come across as having distinct twattish tendancies.