Tuesday, October 16, 2007

UKIP as Elephants

Poor Polly Toynbee, how she hates the little people, how she hates the general public, how she hates their cares and considerations. Today (already picked up by the ubiquitous Worstall) she turns here tubes on the Constitutional, sorry Reform Treaty and accuses the majority of the country of being, "Euro-crazies".

In the interests of a calm and sober debate she uses language hardly fit for a tabloid, "fanatical" she calls us, and "dysfunctional". We indulge in "British barbarism", "We are obnoxious", and "malevolent and xenophobic". Worse indeed we are "hysterics".

Oh come of it Polly, you even claim that giving the European Parliament more power would be a good thing!

At last, the European parliament gets more power: until now it could only accept or reject the entire budget, but now it can reject particular items. Watch it vote down the CAP it has always opposed.
Have you ever met an MEP Polly? On this evidence I very much doubt it. Though the Parliament is slowly getting the message about the appallingness of the CAP, the fact that the current head of the European People's Party is a certain Mr Joseph Daul, (a man in the pocket of the French Farming Lobby rather puts the lie to that idea). Indeed Farmsubsidy.org, and excellent organisation only last week made this statement,

"The European Parliament makes positive noises about the transparency in the CAP, but continues to miss the point of how transparency can most effectively be achieved."
The simple fact that the Parliament is preparing a prebuttle against those who suggest that 14 years of failure to sign off the accounts suggests some failings within the EU institutions without even seeing the report should make even Ms Toynbee a little concerned.

What astounds me is the utter hatred of Britain and the British found within her words. What she calls barbarism is what I would call defending the national interest, something that I always understand was a key duty of any government elected by a nation, in this case the British nation.

She is right on one thing however,

"Brown, however, is no doubt very happy to have the emperor of the European superstate say he is "not happy" with Britain's red lines. What's more, before the ink is dry in December, British ministers will claim they have won even more red lines, opt-ins and opt-outs."
All this fire and fury that we are seeing in the lead up to Lisbon is so much hot air. It does indeed suit the Brown Government that Europe claims to be unhappy. It is in fact imperative for Brown to throw some bones to the press corps whilst preparing to sign an agreement that will grant the institutions increased control of our lives.

If opposing this and wishing that the British people be given a say over their future in the form brands me a Euro-crazy, then so be it, but her own language and approach suggests to me a more fundamental form of Euro-craziness. For her to suggest that only UKIP will remember Mr Brown's planned betrayal of the national interest is fine. What is more it is a badge of honour.

The Devil has a, lets say, more aggressive approach. (Not safe for work or those of a nervous disposition).

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Anonymous said...

Polly's optimistic. Will Ukip even be around at the next election to remember anything?