Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How to transform a "no" into a "yes"?

Valéry Giscard d'Estaing turned up in the Parliament to talk about the new Treaty. And as these Continental politicians are, he was incontinent about it.
The former President of the Convention which had drafted the rejected constitutional treaty told his adoring audience of MEPs that, "it is the continuation of the Laeken process” and that "90% of the words are the same" as the European Constitution.
Talking about the decision not to keep the constitutional terminology, and to officially throw out the symbols of the Union (anthem, flag...) he admitted that it would "would resemble the constitutional treaty”. On the symbols of the EU, he called on the Parliament to note that they were everywhere already and that they shouldn’t get too upset about it. Even on Bastille day the Ode to Joy played alongside the Marseillese . Furthmore he pointed out that the mandate of the IGC asked only that they "would not be evoked" in the future treaty - what means their implicit recognition , and he applauded Joe Lienen’s idea that the EP should cock a snook at the nation states by constantly waving flags and playing the tune..
He pointed out that the "primacy of the European law is fixed by an annext".
He pointed out that the “High Representative for Common Foreign and Security is one and the same as the Union Minister for Foreign Affairs" in the Constitution treaty and that "in any case, everyone will call him "Minister ".
For the former President of the Convention, "The changes are only in presentation, but the contents, are the results of the European Convention and of the 2004 IGC (the" European Constitution "). They remain unchanged, but in a different order, with some minor corrections in the form of protocols ".
Of course in his mind nobody ever rejected his baby "the French ‘No’ was not a ‘No’ to our text". He didn’t go into detail what the French were rejecting, but in no way could the result be taken as a condemnation of the European constitution, but just to make sure he commended Sarkozy, He has opposed referenda and opted for the Parliamentary way to ratification, “which guarantees ratification"...


The Aunt said...

VGD reminds me of nothing quite so much as a very very venerable iguana basking in its last sunset. Somewhat mottled in its greyness, and with its superciliousness unpleasantly peeling.

The thing about venerable iguanas, though, is that to get that venerable, they've survived everything the world has thrown at them. Which in the 20th century was no mean feat.

Anonymous said...

intelligent post well written