Friday, July 06, 2007

Do the Tories actually know what they are up to

I have to ask because I have noticed that they find themselves a little conflicted about the nascent EU Navy, or to give it its proper name the EU Costguard.

You see when this idea was mooted a while ago, their transport spokesman at the time Philip Bradbourn said,
"The UK Conservatives are totally opposed to any attempts to establish a European Coastguard. The British system runs well and successfully deals with a wide range of maritime issues in British waters. This is yet another example of Brussels trying to absorb British methods of dealing with matters into a European conglomerate which it would then control. The fact that Labour and Liberal Democrat MEPs support the demise of the British coastal protection system demonstrates that they cannot be trusted to support the British national interest in Europe."

A little later their Shadow Shipping Minister Julian Brazier said,
"This is very worrying news. It seems the empire building ambitions of Brussels
know no bounds. The drift towards an EU navy must be stopped." Mr Brazier has
tabled a parliamentary question demanding to know the Government's position on
the EU coastguard plans.
"The plan would be a betrayal of the maritime history of our country and the tens of thousands of men and women currently involved in our maritime sector," he said."

At the time the respected shipping journal, Lloyds List said this,
"The concept of a European coastguard has a federalist charm about it that causes eyes to brighten instantly among gatherings of Europhiles, tired of endless discussions about fish or agriculture," the newspaper said. "In a way, it is a European navy, by the back door."

So how can it be possible that Struan Stevenson the Tory Fisheries spokesman has a report infront of Parliament next week in which he says quite clearly that he,
"Supports the establishment of an EU coastguard"?

Does Dave know? Bet he doesn't. Remember when it comes to the EU the Tories just do not know whether they are coming or going.

Richard over at EU Referendum gives this his own polish.


Anonymous said...

Of course they know what they are doing, they are involved up to their Etonian collars. See EU Referendum for the latest in Cameroons advisors, all EUrophiles and added to regularly. "Were're all doomed, I tell 'e, doomed".

Anonymous said...

I say again, that with an EU Foreign Minister (in all but name) the future British nuclear submarine force, paid for entirely by the UK taxpayer could, in a Federal EU be totally under the control of a Bulgarian Admiral, a Roumanian Foreign Minister and a German EU president. Is this what the UK taxpayers OR the Royal (EU Federal) Navy really wants?