Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Delors says 'Up Yours' to Sarko

Now here is an astonishing turn up for the books. Jacques Delors, possibly the most infamous (and effective) centralising European Commission President has come out in favour of a referendum in France.
Speaking to France 1 radio (Reported by AFP) he said,
"If I was an MP today I would "vote in favour of the compromise", but he is a "supporter of a second referendum to clarify the positions and to ensure that the opposition does not stiffen".

"Le Français (Delors) a également assuré que s'il était député, il "voterait le compromis", tout en étant "partisan d'un deuxième référendum pour éviter que les positions se crispent et que les oppositions se durcissent".

It is astonishing, just a short 15 years after leaving the Commission he is begining to understand democracy, could this be the first good thing he has ever said?

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