Friday, November 17, 2006

What information should we get from the Police

The Devil hits the nail on the head on the extraordinary idea that single mothers should be able to have the police do checks on their occaisional shags, or longer term boyfriends.

I had been rumbling and grumbling about this for a while this evening. It just seems so awful a concept, but how to argue against it?

If they check against the sex offender register (We must protect the kiddies), then why should she not be able to ask if her new beau has previous for hiting his girlfriend, and so on?
"Not going out with you, you were busted for speeding on the A31 five years ago"

Not that police don't have better things to do (remember those vulnerable kiddies, after all there is nothing worse than kiddies being harmed), and not that the thousands of feckless types that sadly inhabit every town and city, would constitute nuisence calls in most of the remaining police statons. (5 men in fie days, each checked - most coppers could sue for harrasment and get control orders) But still I think his thoughts bear repeating.

Excellent. Will I be able to demand a check on a woman's criminal record to see if she has brought a false rape charge in order to give greater protection against being screwed over by some conflicted, malignant bitch?

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The Aunt said...

Hmm. Ratio of absentee fathers and/or wifebeaters to conflicted malignant bitches?

Also - is there a correlation between the two?