Friday, May 19, 2006

Poisonous hypocrite of the month

This should have been posted last week, but you know how it is. Anyhow back to blackmouthing a chap.

Until last week one of the few members of the Labour delegation that I had any respect for was Michael Cashman. This former soap star turned MEP, seems generally to do a pretty good job, at least from his perspective.
He is most famous for being gay and campaigning on gay issues, fair enough, and he does some useful work on other civil liberties issues as well.

But I have now discovered he is an appalling hypocrite without a single principled bone in his body. By his recent actions he has forfeited any claim to anybodies respect.

This is all about the Ruth Kelly / Opus Dei case. When the Minister came under attack from the Pink Press and the Independent for believing that homosexuality was a sin- as do all members of Opus Dei, out rolled the slimy hypocrite to tell us all how perfectly alright this was, how compatible with Government policy and the gay rights agenda. To the BBC he claimed that,
“Ruth Kelly will deliver the government's agenda”.

On his website he launches in to the attack,
"Anyone who argues that this appointment means the government does not take gay rights seriously is sprinkling political poison with a blatant disregard for the facts",

Quite right Michael, I couldn't agree more, I think the line is 'love the sinner hate the sin', with the traditional separation of powers between the spiritual and temporal this is absolutely correct.

So why are you such a scum sucking skunk? Because back in 2004 you personally lead the campaign to remove Rocco Butiglione from the European Commission. Now, what was the argument you used at the time?

Michael Cashman, the gay Labour MEP who is on the committee, said: "The game is almost up for Buttiglione ... Most MEPs don't want this man to be put in charge of defending human rights, civil liberties and the EU's anti-discrimination laws."
“MEPs have defended the fundamental rights we have long fought for in Europe. We fought on the basis of our principles, on what we believed was right, and we carried out the job of democratic scrutiny we were elected to do," he added.
“Buttiglione was completely unsuited to the job he was given, not just because of his backward views but because of what he has done in the past and what he said he would do in the future."

Cashman, which position do you believe, or neither?


Anonymous said...

I was wondering who was going to make the link between the treatment of Rocco Butiglione and Ruth Kelly. Well done.

Anonymous said...

The Party is the summit of personal morality for some and like the lickspittles around Stalin you can always find a fawning courtier ready to snarl at others.

It is probably better for Rocco Buttiglione not to be in the EU Commission and thereby to show it for what it is - a partisan agenda of the Gramscians to destroy all other centres of power with a EuroParl reminiscent of the Volkskammer of the DDR.

It is now a first for Ministers of the Crown to actually believe in the policies they implement - wow that would be an innovation.

What kind of weak-minded fool could support in a personal acpacity half the mind-bending rubbish the Blair regime has imposed and proposed ?

Much as I dislike Ruth Kelly for a variety of reasons, her membership of Opus Dei and a traditional Catholic Faith is not the reason and I do not see why she should face persecution.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eliab,

I think you missed at trick. Barruso has made the eronious choice of buying an SUV, and thats gotta be in contravention of a bunch of bull the commission has been shipping on emmissions, ecology - you name it.

I'm going to have fun wading in on Margo's blog over the next few days on this.

Not that I mind people having SUV's, I just mind them having them after telling everyone else they should not.

The Aunt said...

Well done Anonymous. An excellent, and if I may say, pithy contribution to the debate.

BTW do you know anywhere I could get some MP3s, baby stuff or car insurance?

Ecumene said...

Has Labour party election-fear of Respect


Tippler said...

All good stuff. And thanks for the car insurance tips - might even learn to drive...
Anyway Eliab, you've seen my blog at Can you help? How do I get it listed on Wickablog? Any other tips (apart from 'pack the whole thing in' Ta