Wednesday, May 17, 2006

France still doesn't want the Constitution

Today the leftist French newspaper Liberation published a fascinating poll which it has carried out to coincide with the first anniversary of the referendum. The figures it gives are pretty clear, but the way they opresent them is maybe even more revealing about themselves.

They obviously regret the vote and current French public opinion. The headline they give is that "98% of those who voted 'no' have no regrets"

What they do not mention is that 10% of those who voted 'Yes' do indeed have regrets. Interestingly 13% of those who diod not vote also wish they had.

To clarify this, but using my own calculations as Liberation fails to make the statement clear we discover that;

- according to the official results, 54.7% voted No and 45.3% voted Yes
- 98% of citizens having voted No do not regret their vote : 0.98 x 0.547 = 0.536
- in addition, 10% of the citizens having voted Yes regret their vote : 0.10 x 0.45 = 0.045
= 0.536 + 0.045 = 0,581

Conclusion : 58.1% of the citizens would vote "No" today.

We have no way of telling what the 13% of abstainers would have voted, but it would not make a significant difference.

Of course Liberation being Liberation they only intwerview Leftist No voters, such as the President of Attac, Nikonoff and the National Secretary of the Communists Marie-George Buffet. This is simple to comprehend, for bien pensant French opinion all opposition to the EU Constitution is down to there not being enough Europe, not enough protectionism, not enough workers rights and so on. The millions of those on the right who campaigned and voted against the dratted thing for Souvereignist reasons cannot be given house room.

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Irina Tsukerman said...

Why am I not surprised.