Friday, February 24, 2006

Ooo Fame

In a piece of shameless self aggrandisement it appears that this blog has made it into print. Sound the trumpets...
In this week's edition of the Bulletin , the Brussels Time Out wannabe written by Nicola Smith the Sunday Times stringer over here, I read,
"There is a whiff of revolution in the air", says Rennie.(The Daily Telegraph Brussels correspondent), We can either hear the roar at the gates and ignore it, or we can get onto the streets and into the fray with our own opinions - because the barriers have come down"....
But Rennie's point also strikes a chord with the man who goes by the name of Eliab Harvey, after the hero who captained the Temaraire at the battle of Trafalgar in 1805 and is the non-journalist author of England Expects. Harvey's blogging reincarnation argues that the internet is a good way of getting stories out that would not make it past the editorial policy of most newspapers. Much of his blog appears to be dedicated to deriding the efforts of federalist MEPs Andrew Duff and Johannes Voggenhuber to revive the flagging EU Constitution, an issue that apparently has Harvey turning in his grave.
Harvey the blogger is pleased that the internet has given non-journalists the chance to hit back at the mainstream media. "There is a feeling that the editorial policy of most mainstream news outlets is restricted", he says. "Around 85 percent of the most read blogs are on the right, to counter the bias of the liberal left in the written press".

The piece also flags up The Brussels Journal The Brussels Journal , Richard Corbetss's dull cut and paste job UKIP watch Finnish MEP Alexander Stubb's parade of photos of himself , wearing brown shoes with dark suits and the excellentMy Boyfriend is a Twat and Blairwatch penned by the aforsaid boyfriend.

The ever blessed and fragrant Margot gets a mention of course, as doe the ghastly Vladimir Spidla.

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