Friday, December 09, 2005

Foreigners Office strikes again

The Organization of the Islamic Conference, has just finished an extroadinary two day meeting in Mecca, hosted bythe King of Suadi Artabia. The FO came up with this as a response.

'As EU Presidency, Britain strongly supports the call by the Muslim leaders, at the OIC summit hosted by Saudi Arabia, for a forward-looking vision for the Muslim world.

'The whole international community stands with them in their staunch rejection of those who distort the noble faith of Islam. We join them in celebrating the values of Islamic civilisation. Their values are our values.

'We share their unequivocal condemnation of terrorism and their determination to combat it. "

It is truely great that the 57 Muslim countries agreed to support moderation and fight terror, Which is no doubt why the new Iranian President who was one of the Islamic leaders who unanimously called for moderation and an end to terrorism today called for Isreal to be "moved to Europe". That is all Jews to be expelled from the Holy land.

So my dear British diplomats, I take it that it isn't this part of their values that you believe our our values, I hope?

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