Monday, March 21, 2005

More bad news for Sinn Fein

Another vaguely respectable group to drop Sinn Fein. Only a couple of years ago Gerry Adams was feted by the Republican Movement in Australia. But it looks like he has outstayed his welcome even with that bunch of anti-Brits. According to David Flint of the Australians for a Constitutional Monarchy,
"The only international figure to support the push for an Australian republic was Gerry Adams, the leader of the so-called political wing of the IRA, Sinn Fein.
Adams campaigned in the media, calling on Australians to vote Yes in the 1999 referendum.
So we know what Mr Adams preaches to us for our country-what is it that this he practices?
As the Sydney Morning Herald (16 March 2005) described him, he was once a VIP. The Herald should know. He was received once in the Fairfax editorial suite in Sydney as a VIP. They say he is now persona non grata.
Mr Adams has not changed. It is that many journalists are beginning to admit what everyone else knew and they ought to have said".
Worse for the Sinners is that there are moves to follow the US and bar them from fundraising in Australia, another lucrative area for the Provo's paymasters. What people seem to have forgotten is that the Northern bank is owned by the National Australia bank. So the bank employees whose families were kidnapped and threatened were Australian employees.
John Howard has been pretty staunch in his support of the war against terror, it seems that he is also noticing the canker that is Ulster.

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