Saturday, June 16, 2012

Enoch Powell: First Poems: XXI) Epitaph on a former self

XXI) Epitaph on a former self

I’ll lay thee down and let tee lie,
My sweet my earliest born;
Thy life has cost me many a sigh,
But now I’ve ceased to mourn.

Oh bitter was the taking leave,
And cruel to snap the thread,
But yet at heart I cannot grieve
To think of thee as dead.

For ne’er could such a weakling frame
As thine to manhood grow,
And sturdier sons may bear thy name,
Brothers thou wilt not know.

Yet none shall ever take away
This love I bear to thee,
Which evermore its toll shall pay
Of griefless memory.

For death has soothed thy sobbing wild
And east rests the head;
Lie still, lie low, my earliest child,
‘Tis well that thou art dead.

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