Saturday, June 16, 2012

Enoch Powell: First Poems: VIII) Brynhild’s Lament

VIII) Brynhild’s Lament

Siegfried, Siegfried, soon to die,
Siegfried, ever born again,
Born again to die again
For ever,

Mine thou art before thy birth,
Mine thou art beyond the grave;
For the race whence thou art sprung
Fails not, Siegfried ever young,
But is

All thy elder brothers gone,
All thy younger, yet to come,
All are mine, and every one
As he passes drinks a draught
At the fountain of my heart,
But none

Some by horrid spell are changed
These to granite, those to brute;
Som are crushed in turning wheel,
Others rent by hungry steel,
But all

Siegfried, Siegfried, soon to die,
Brynhild loves thee, Brynhild mourns thee,
Born to love as thou to die,
Born to die in thee I love
For ever.

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