Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Choosing your evidence

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Commons is deliberating the Future of the European Union. As such it is inviting various people to give evidence.

Look who put stuff in,
The Committee has received written evidence from the Liberal Democrat parliamentary party committee on international affairs, Liberal Democrat MEPs, and Nigel Farage MEP on behalf of the UK Independence Party; Jean-Claude Piris, former legal adviser to the European Council and EU Council; thinktanks and campaigning organisations including Open Europe and the European Movement; a number of leading academics and EU specialists; and several senior former UK diplomats and EU officials, as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).
And who are they calling for evidence?
The Committee will take oral evidence on 26 June from Sir Howard Davies, former Director of the London School of Economics, Chairman of the Financial Services Authority, Deputy Governor of the Bank of England and Director-General of the CBI; and on 10 July from Charles Grant, Director of the Centre for European Reform, Mats Persson, Director of Open Europe, and Michiel van Hulten, the Dutch former MEP who has called for the replacement of the current EU with a two-layered structure. The Committee is likely to take further evidence after the summer recess.
Now what is missing from this selection of the great and the good (Not sure in which class I put you Michiel)? 

Now lets think. Pro-EU/Eurozone etc

Howard Davies, Michiel van Hulten, Charles Grant, and after last week's report from Open Europe, Mats Persson.

Yes I know there are subtle difference between them, but they all subscribe to the European Elite's position on the future of Europe, and support the current Government line.

Now let's have a look, who is missing?

Oh yes, Nigel Farage, the only one whose position chimes with a majority view in the United Kingdom, that we want a referendum, and we want out of the EU.

I wonder why they haven't called him?

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