Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Van Rompuy to push for more migration

In his dinner invite (oh how I bet they wish they just got a traditional stiffy) Herman Van Rompuy has let all the heads of Government of the EU know what it is he want to talk about.

I note this particular passage,
More generally, we should look at ways of overcoming the “skills mismatch” and the “geographic mismatch”. We should for instance develop the EURES portal into a European employment services, improve the recognition of professional qualifications, better support mobile workers, facilitate the portability of pension and other rights and systematically chart future skills needs.
That 'geographical mismatch' is code for... "There are no jobs in Spain or Greece, there are jobs in Germany and the UK, therefore we must spend taxpayers money getting the unemployed over there, into the jobs over there".

I note also that they wait until the port before they get to the main point,
At the very end of our dinner, I propose that we discuss recent developments in the eurozone.
Why they are bothering to talk about anything else beats me. After all it is their house that is falling down around their ears.

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