Wednesday, April 04, 2012

I'm getting a little worried about the Very Reverend john Hall

He is the Dean of Westminster Abbey and is peculiar, in both senses.
It was he who last year decided to hold a ceremony in the Abbey to celebrate Europe Day, with a rather embarrassing service
Lord God our Father,
we affirm our commitment to the European Union
as a force for good in your world.
Guide us, we pray, by your Spirit;
give us wisdom, courage, and hope,
that we may serve you in the cause of justice and friendship,
and remain united in your peace;
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
He seems to be up to his old tricks, by proposing a memorial to Sir Edward Heath.
"Although he and Edward Heath were on the opposite side of many political arguments, they were both of that remarkable generation that served in the Second World War and continued to devote their lives to the service of their nation and of the world. It is fitting that we should honour them."
That Heath lied, dissimulated and practised deception on this land in order to get us into the EEC/Common Market as it was then is well known. So why should this fellow, this man who would prefer the Councils of foreign potentates rather than his own people be so honoured?

Now if all former Prime Ministers were to be so honoured I would have no complaint. But what puts Heath above such figures as Wilson, Macmillan, Douglas Home and Eden?


Goodnight Vienna said...

I think this is one instance when religion should butt out of politics. Coupled with the news that the committee who approve EU Heritage labels are considering erecting a plaque on Heath's former home to commemorate his contribution to European 'history', I fear we're living in a DisneyWorld. I hope we all wake up soon.

agriculture investments said...

If he wants to speak about politics, why not raise his voice against the new surveillance law?

Gawain Towler said...

Have you never seen the CCTV around the Abbey?

john in cheshire said...

Commies in our midst.

Edward Spalton said...

If you got to the website of the cross party Campaign for an Independent Britain,
you will find "Heath's Corner" encouraging people to protest to the Dean of Westminster about the proposed memorial. Heath was a treacherous and deceitful man.

The Labour Euro Safeguards Campaign (LESC) has already written to the Dean, asking for the project to be scrapped, and encouraged its members to do the same. So I hope others will follow.

I complained about it to the Deputy Editor of our local paper, the Derby Telegraph and he asked for 600 words which is my contribution to "Heath's Corner". So there is public interest.

Do encourage people to complain to the Dean, to local and national papers and anywhere which will further publicise the outrage.

It can hardly be mere coincidence that the Dean has chosen the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Year to defile the nation's most prominent place of worship and focus of its sovereignty.


The vile pederast heath,liar though he was,did not negotiate our entry into the eec,his mate rothschild did,and these over mighty jews have thier own agenda.

Anne Palmer said...

This man that the Dean wants to honour for taking this once free country that so many died for in two World Wars, a man that lied quite deliberately to ALL the people in this once free land when he told them "there would be no loss of essential sovereignty" now wants to honour him with some kind of memorial.

No one could prove that lies had been told at that time, quite apart that many in those days believed politicians and what they had to say, for it was not too long after a terrible war had taken place by a man that had devoted all his time and effort for this Country's freedom. One Winston Churchill.

When HEATH made those statements at that time, we-the people- had no access to those words spoken nor the debates in Parliament that took place there either, and the honest Politicians that tried their best to honour their Oaths of Allegiance to the British Crown and through the Crown to all the people in this land and had tried their best to put the case AGAINST joining the European Community were ridiculed, scorned upon and over-ruled. It is some of THEIR names that should be placed on an Memorial. Here are some of them Mr Fell, Mr Silverman,Mr Peter Shore, Mr Gaitskell, Mr (Manny) Shinwell, Mr A. C. Manuel,
Sir D.Walker-Smith,Mr Stanley Orme, and although there are many others, I will repeat here what Mrs Renee Short had to say, "This is not really being fair to the public outside this place whom we represent and who rely on us for leadership in this matter, and in connection with all the other important problems with which we as Members of Parliament have to deal". "My own view on this issue of entering or not entering the Common Market we have been brainwashed for a long time. I do not go along with this emotive phrase, "Going into Europe".

The Prime Minister at this time was Harold Macmillan. It was HEATH of course took this Country into the European Community.

Page 518 16th Nov 1966: still Mrs Short. "It is no use saying that if we go into the Common Market we should accept the Treaty of Rome as if it is written, with all the small print---most of which I find extremely alarming, including many articles which were referred to by the Rt. Hon and learned Member for Hertfordshire (Sir D. Walker-Smith), which refer to the power of the Commission to issue directives to Member States as to what they should do about their economy. There are many of these articles (Interruption) Oh yes, there are. There are at least a dozen. The Rt. Hon Gentleman gave some of the numbers. They lay down clearly that the Commission can issue directives to Member States. In the event of economic difficulties the Commission can issue directives about taxation, aid to nationalised industries, and many other matters which affect the economies of nations".