Friday, March 16, 2012

These people should be barred from the pub - all pubs

Simon cook has spotted some outrageous hypocrisy about saving the pub.

He highlights 47 sidling skunks who have rushed to sign an EDM, on how to protect that fine institution, but who previously had contributed to the rapid decline and downfall of the pub, that is, by voting for the smoking ban.

Here they are.
Peter Bottomley (Con), James Clappison (Con), David Anderson (Lab), Adrian Bailey (Lab), Kevin Barron (Lab), Clive Betts (Lab), Tom Brake (LD), Annette Brooke (LD), Lorely Burt (LD), Menzies Campbell (LD), Martin Caton (Lab), Tom Clarke (Lab), Rosie Cooper (Lab), Jim Dobbin (Lab), Frank Doran (Lab), Jim Dowd (Lab), Louise Ellman (Lab), Paul Flynn (Lab), Don Foster (LD), Mike Gapes (Lab), Andrew George (LD), Mike Hancock (LD), Stephen Hepburn (Lab), David Heyes (Lab), Jimmy Hood (Lab), Martin Horwood (LD), George Howarth (Lab), Gerald Kaufman (Lab), John Leech (LD), Tony Lloyd (Lab), Steve McCabe (Lab), John McDonnell (Lab), Alan Meale (Lab), Austin Mitchell (Lab), John Pugh (LD), Linda Riordan (Lab), John Robertson (Lab), Dan Rogerson (LD), Bob Russell (LD), Dennis Skinner (Lab), Gerry Sutcliffe (Lab), Mark Tami (Lab), Joan Walley (Lab), Robert Walter (Con), Hywel Williams (PC), Mark Williams (LD), Mike Wood (Lab)
Lamp posts anyone?


john in cheshire said...

Some of them are UAF members; Mr Bottomley for example. Is there are link between their affiliations and this motion?

Xopher said...

Many friends, allies and advisers of the 47 assured them that pubs would thrive after the ban and all their evidence still supports their claims but ---- the public (and the 47?) know the truth.
Is this a desperate attempt to be the good guys and undo the damage??
In their dreams!
A skunk is a skunk is a skunk is a skunk....................

Anonymous said...

Actually, I make all 97 culpable, they all voted for the smoking ban, because they support parties that promote the rule from Brussels, where the ridiculous smoking legislation was hatched.

I remember that in Spain, there were two kinds of bar, the inhabited ones, with a green (you may smoke) sign on the door, and the uninhabited ones with a red (you may not smoke) sign. However that all changed last year when the Spanish were forced into complying with the Brussels legislation implicitly.

One year later, and bar takings are down by as much as 60%…

The Guardian says this is because of the recession… Ha ha.

Gawain Towler said...

We will have a series of lamposts, some to be hanged time and time again