Friday, March 23, 2012

I’ll scweem and scweem until I’m sick

I am beginning to think that Labour’s answer to Bonnie Langford, the veritable Moneyball rather fancies our Nige.
She seems fixated by him. Yet again she has written a blogpost attacking the amount of coverage he gets, all the while whingeing about the paucity of column inches she receives herself.
Previously she has waffled on about how dreadful Roger Helmer is, whilst complaining about Farage’s media coverage. And just about how awful he is. Now she has moved up a gear, questioning his intelligence and depth.
Farage does not carry on the British parliamentary tradition of robust debate coupled with intellectual depth. Farage, in fact, has no depth.
Of course Ms Honeyball would like him to play the part of supplicant, well mannered, ineffectual. But why would or should anybody do that.
It is frankly a disgrace that nonentities like her good self witter on, whilst standing idly by as democracies are overturned in pursuit of an anti-people pro elite agenda. I find it outrageous that somebody who stands for Labour is complicit in the social and financial destruction of millions of the poorest in Europe. Across the continent we can see that the left of centre parties are slowly wakening to the reality that the EU is not their to help them, but to sacrifice them on the altar of the political/business elite.
It cares not for the masses, but merely the fashionable mores of a dwindling class of faux intellectuals without a calloused hand between them.
Farage she says, is nasty. He doesn’t respect their dignity,
Farage has no compunction about tearing into EU and European Parliament figures with no respect for either their or, indeed, Farage’s own, dignity.
Is that it, does his robust approach to the preening supremacists of Europe rankle. Well so it should. Because you Ms Honeyball represent that aloof, morally isolated crew to perfection. When he attacks Van Rompuy, or Schulz it is, you are right by extension an attack on you and yours. It must be tough knowing that his voice is listened to with appreciation at home whilst yours? Yours isn't heard at all.

But still, but still: this fascination she has… is there a bat squeak somewhere beneath the outrage?


Anonymous said...

I've just left a comment on Honeyball's blog - not up yet and I'm wondering if it will be.

I think our Mary doesn't really get this democracy thingy.


Anonymous said...

She's in love with him, it's the only explaination.

Gawain Towler said...

It is just rather sad

Anonymous said...

I have visited Honeyball's site and found that my comment has not been posted.

Further to that, I have tried to post again and found it impossible to do so.

The comment itself was content heavy but not overlong.

I can only conclude that she can give out criticism but can not take it.


john in cheshire said...

I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself. Honeyball. The name sounds made-up; rather like Moneypenny. Is that it; is she a wannabe James Bond girl? A stickier version of Pussy Galore?

Anonymous said...

She is like the one armed waiter, she can dish it out but she can't take it.

Gawain Towler said...

She took umbrage at the nick-name Hairy Moneyball at one point claiming it was sexist.

Not sexist, merely a spoonerism, but as a middlebrow socialist (NGO monger background - never a real job) she is utterly humourless, and regards even slight mocking as some great gender grievance.


It is not inches in newsprint that she needs,inches of another sort is what she craves