Monday, March 19, 2012

If you are Eurosceptic, Climate Sceptic and centre right? Then join UKIP says Tory Chairman

BBC Derby interviewed the Tory Chairman, Baroness Warsi this morning and asked her about the Roger Helmer defection to UKIP.

It became very clear that she was less than displeased with his joining UKIP,
"In light of the views that he has had over the last few years, I feel that it is no surprise that he has gone, and it may well be that his views are more in tune with the Parety he has now chosen to join".
Which has the benefit of being honest, and gives a clear message. If you are a small state, liberally minded Eurosceptic, who is worried by the Climate Change agenda, by the growth of our aid budget and the reams of regulation strangling businesses both large and small.

Then it is OK by the Tory party if you come and join us, indeed, they think you really ought to.


Pat Nurse MA said...

And if you believe in the values of freedom of choice, tolerance and consideration then join UKIP.

The party of fairness, the party of common sense, the party of normality.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough I'll join then.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the CONservative party should put that on the front page of their next manifesto.

Something along the lines of:

If you think you are a conservative (small c) read no further… grab a copy of the UKIP manifesto and vote UKIP.

You know it makes sense!