Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Aerobics against substance abuse

In Southern Sudan,

Got to love this UNDP job offer (via @quarsan)
All personnel are struggling to cope with the chronic stress of working within a post-conflict environment in which few counseling, social support, and other support and recreational services are available. Of particular concern is the need to help staff deal with traumatic stress, chronic stress, communication and resolution of interpersonal conflicts, multi- and cross-cultural diversity, and alcohol and substance abuse education.
How to solve this appalling situation?
Therefore, we are seeking to recruit a fitness Instructor to assist in providing exercises as part of the wellbeing of staff in order to ensure work/life balance, which is another important referral service for staff members....
The Fitness Instructor will coach groups or individuals in exercise activities and the fundamentals of sports e.g. weight training, cardiovascular programs, aerobics;
So how much are we sending over to the UNDP?

Well according to last year's review
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has a leading role in reaching the MDGs, particularly in fragile and conflict-affected countries. It has a distinct comparative advantage in democratic governance and crisis-prevention and recovery. It has an important role managing the Resident Coordinator system and multi-donor trust funds on behalf of the wider UN development system.
UNDP has many strengths, but we also want to see urgent progress in several important areas over the next two years. Top priority is:
• Improving the consistency of UNDP’s delivery at country level, particularly in fragile and conflict-affected countries.
• UNDP to focus more of its efforts on its areas of comparative advantage, especially around crisis prevention and recovery.
• Evidence of how UNDP is controlling costs and achieving greater efficiency in its operations and much better reporting of results.

We will continue to fund UNDP at 2010 levels, closely monitor performance and review progress within two years, when we may increase or decrease our core funding.
And those numbers are quite big, 2008/9 the latest I can find is £264m.

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