Friday, February 10, 2012

A Pefect Prescription?

The new President of the European Parliament, everyone's comedy German socialist, Martin Schulz has written in the Newshound, the Euiropean Parliamenrt's internal online newsletter his plans for the European Parliament.-

Which is odd, because as the President he should be looking at the workings of the Parliament at a technical/democratic level, rather than pushing his own partisan political agenda, but there you have it,
"What exactly are our proposals?- We want a financial transaction tax (In March 2011, an overwhelming majority of the MEPs called for the introduction of just such a tax).
- We want Eurobonds (Joint bonds issued at a low rate of interest can ease the debt crisis and stabilise the banking system).
- We want a European rating agency (a rating agency which breaks the US monopoly, which makes its assessments on the basis of clear criteria)
- We want a European growth initiative."
President Schulz also warned that a fiscal union which is not subject to scrutiny by parliamentarians is unacceptable and that the coherence of Union Law must be preserved.
Lord save us.


Anonymous said...

There already is a European debt rating agency - it's called Fitch (French owned). I think what Herr Schulz really wants is a mendacious rating agency.

Peter T said...

We want out!