Monday, February 06, 2012

Not the result you would like I suspect Mr Schulz

Somebody, a certain Mr Atherton, sent me a link to this little poll on Martin Schulz's personal MEP website, as opposed to his EP Presidential website.

In my dodgy translation it appears to be asking
Do we need an European Union? Participate in the current inquiry. Contribute this way to the forming of an opinion. 
The answers offered are thes
* Yes, in all politics fields
* Yes, but within limits
* No, each country is better alone 
* Don't Know

The answers?

That a pretty comprehensive vote there now isn't it Mr Schulz. You claim that these votes will help you work out your position. What do you say?

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Edward Spalton said...

This appears to be from a while back. The question is
"After the Irish No to the reform treaty, the question arises: do we need the EU?"

Still, it's a pretty overwhelming result. Did Mr. Schulz ever express an opinion about it?