Friday, February 03, 2012

Hain calls for NE Regional Assembly: Numpty

Will Green in the Journal has reported that the concept of English Regional Assemblies is still on the socialist agenda.
It come to something when a failed Europe Minister and Welsh MP starts to instruct the people of the North East as to what is good for them.
Mr Hain said during a talk at the London School of Economics: “It could be a regional government in the North East of England – rejected, I know, in 2004 but rejected on a kind of Mickey Mouse offer where the powers were not really real and the timing wasn’t right.
“Under a Tory-led Government, I think we could easily win that referendum now.”
Ian Mearns, MP for Gateshead and former chairman of the campaign for a North East assembly, said the region needed a “strong voice” to take on an increasingly powerful Scotland and a distant Whitehall.
Of course for Labour such a thing would be valuable as it would give them a permanent toehold in English governance, something that isn't guaranteed in any other way.

What the people of the NE would think about it, and the guaranteed waste of public money pushing, propagandising and voting for it is another matter.

They are just so desperate.


Andrew McDonald said...

The problem is, Labour miss-handled the devolution process, ignoring England and the West Lothian question. The people of the NE should not be asked to vote again for a North East Assembly (certainly not so soon after rejecting the last referendum). What we need is an English Parliament and an end to the Barnett formula.
Andrew McDonald –UKIP Parliamentary Candidate NW Durham 2010

Gawain Towler said...

Andrew can you get in touch?


They already have one,we all already have one,the object is to pit one area against another in the fight to secure resources and balkanise our country even further,and to assist the take over of the retards of the green flag in the north.

Anonymous said...

“Federalism also becomes a logical structure given the importance in the modern EU conception of the regions, as evidenced in the Committee Of The Regions established under Maastricht. The whole thrust of EU evolution focuses on both the centre [Brussels] and the region, with the national level receding in influence. Links between Brussels and, for example, Catalonia or Wales can override links with Madrid or London. The EU’s structural funds are geared towards re-distribution or compensation at the regional level.”

Peter Hain, 1995, in his eurosceptic book. Quoted in Olly Figg's Europe On 387m Euros a Day: (free pdf)

Demetrius said...

Back in the early Middle Ages the King of Scots had a claim to much of what is now Northern England. Why not extend the Scottish Referendum to ask that area if they want to join Scotland?

Edward Spalton said...

You are absolutely right, Englishman!
Except I don't think people in the North are "retards". Like the rest of us, they are being manipulated.

Sir Peter Housden, who was Prescott's permanent secretary for the balkanisation of England is now top civil servant in Scotland, openly encouraging his staff to "prepare for independence" - except it will be EU subjection as a mini-state like Slovakia.

Slovakia was one of the few states to do everything by the rules when joining the euro. As a poor country, the government objected to contributing to the euro bail-out for far richer countries, Within a week it had to reverse the decision. That's how independent Mr. Salmond's Scotland would be, if he gets his way.

George West said...

I regret that as I walked past Peter Hain being interviewed by BBC coming up to the referendum in the north east, I did not shout loudly "Ban John Prescott and all Regional Assemblies" and ruined the smug interview.
George West