Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eu suggests outrageous interference in national democracy

Nick Malkoutzis, the Deputy Editor of Kathimerini's English Edition has just reported on a Reuters story that has hit the wires. As he says,
If #eurozone makes this demand, it's unprecedented interference in another country's democratic process. This is all leaving v bad taste.
EU officials are now briefing thusly,
"There are proposals to delay the Greek package or to split it, so that an immediate default is avoided, but not everything is committed to,» one official briefed on preparations for a euro zone finance ministers call later in the day told Reuters.

"They'll discuss the options,» he said, adding: «There is pressure from several countries to hold off until there is a concrete commitment from Greece, which may not come until after they've held elections."
Or essentially we are thinking of delaying the full payment, despite the assurances and the vast cuts being made that has driven Greece into a 7% contraction of GDP in the last quarter until after the elections.
IE. Vote for whom we approve, or you can be damned. Looking at my last post, Van Rompuy's
European leaders, when in difficulty, will do whatever it takes to maintain the euro and the financial stability of the eurozone
begins to make sense.

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