Friday, February 24, 2012

Arise comrades and defend the expatriation allowance

The Euro Unions are at it again.

Appalled by the way in which there are moves to cut back on Eurocrat wages/promotions/allowances they have sent out a Call to Arms...
What we need is a plan that will revitalise employment and ensure long‑term growth.

In Brussels there will be a demonstration in front of the Council, starting at 12.00.

The policy of blind austerity that is being inflicted on the private sector and national public services is also part of the European Commission's proposals, undermining the European Public Service by reducing number of posts by 5 % (while the Institutions are being given more and more responsibilities), increasing the number of hours in the working week, reducing the status of secretaries, slowing down promotions, increasing the retirement age, and so on. At the Council, a majority of the Member States have already indicated that they want to go even further: ending the method for the adjustment of salaries and pensions, abolishing the expatriation allowance, reducing family allowances, and more.

All seems pretty fair enough to me, after all, us Eurocrats are at the heart of the problems, so why on earth shouldn't we take the minor hot whilst millions elsewhere lose their jobs.

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