Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dancing while Athens (Rome/Lisbon etc) Burns

Every now and again I have a go at the Eurocrat Trade Unions. This load of self-satisfied, publicly-subsidised parasites just get up my nose. The feeling I am sure is mutual as this page on one of the Unions websites' makes clear,
Hoaxes about European Civil Servants are often circulated as a weapon against the European Union. Civil servants are scapegoats in this war waged by eurosceptics. They are pictured as incompetent, no good, pampered, lazy, arrogant, useless fat cats, parasites and so on and so forth
This is from the Website of the Union for Unity. They describe themselves thusly,
We want to work for the dignity of European officials and agents, to defend all those men and women without which European integration would never have been possible, and without which its future is threatened.
But why would anybody think that these people are in any way the "incompetent, no good, pampered, lazy, arrogant, useless fat cats, parasites" we might think them to be? Could it be because they organise events like this in the middle of the Financial Crisis that is eating its way across the continent and devouring lives, livelihoods, jobs, hopes and aspirations?

pour une Europe solidaire

Festival on 3 March 2012 in the Berlaymont from 19hrs to 1 o'clock

19h à 19h30 accueil avec un verre - welcome

19h30 à 20h45 concert Olla Vogala

20h45 à 21h45 buffet

21h45 à 1h soirée dansante - dancing floor
How could anybody think they were out of touch?


Anonymous said...

Yes it's the Élysée Palace all over again.
The pre 1789 one.

Gawain Towler said...

They have forgotten nothing (of their benefits) nor learnt anything (about the crisis)