Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pro-Euro Tory has an interesting view on press freedom

Bernard Geerlings is a youthful cove so maybe we should forgive him, but I am not so sure,
The press requires greater regulation in what lies and falsehoods are published. Political interpretation is a natural and desirable part of the press' function but the quality of journalism and the national interest demand that the press should be held to account where reckless lies and falsehoods are reported.
I wonder who he feels is qualified to judge what is in the national interest? Could it be people like civil servants?
Defenders of democracy must welcome increased power for a civil service and public bodies who serve the people and are accountable to the people through elected leaders.
Of course intelligent decent people agree with young Bernard,
It is no coincidence that the most educated press in the UK is euro-realist. It is also patently obvious to any student of European politics (pro or anti-European) that it is in Britain's interests at the very least to be a member of the European Union. Large sections of the press claim that it is the democratic will of the people to leave the EU. Whether or not most people want to leave the EU, this interpretation of democracy is not government for the people; it is mob rule. More than that, it is mob rule, where the mob is ruled by the media. The battle is between public servants and unknown media figures in the shadows of giant corporations.
It is all rather sad, if not worrying that this young chap displays such arrogance. Sad that he actually believes that media figures are unknown (has he never heard of bylines?) whereas in some way civil servants are accountable. Sadder still thyat he equates agreement with intelligence, and sadest of all that he is given spavce by a Tory organisation to promulgate what can only be described as deeply illiberal, controlling tendancies.

I am sure he will go far. Particularly as his organisation is supported by this lot,
Rt Hon Lord Brittan of Spennithorne QC
Rt Hon Lord Carrington KG CH KCMG MC
Rt Hon John Gummer, Lord Deben
Rt Hon Lord Heseltine of Thenford CH
Rt Hon Lord Howe of Aberavon CH QC
Rt Hon Lord Hunt of Wirral MBE
Rt Hon Lord Hurd of Westwell CH CBE
Timothy Kirkhope MEP
Rt Hon Lord Patten of Barnes CH
Lord Plumb of Coleshill DL
Tom Spencer
Ian Taylor MBE
Robert Walter MP


Anonymous said...

He must be all of 12 Gawain... Are those his bricks?

He fails in every paragraph of his little blog...

Corporate business has a grip on the EU institutions that enable the unholy alliance of them, the politicians and their senior bureaucrats (both in Whitehall and the EC) to completely disregard the interests of real people, as opposed to the non flesh and blood plc/Ltd entity.

The French and the German political institutions are weaker than those in Westminster, which is why our politicians seek to emulate them, politics is about representing the interests of the people, not their own sinecures. The strongest political institutions can be found in Switzerland, where government cannot do anything without the prior say of the people.

In Britain, the cabinet DO effectively elect the prime minister, as opposed to the party leader, as can be seen with the current CONdemolition, where there are two party leaders at the top of government, but only one is the prime minister (even though he is Clegg's puppet).

I am not quite sure what he means by "euro realist", but the extremely juvenile British press is completely bowled over by the EU project (with the possible exception of the Morning Star (if that is till published) and the Daily Express). We majority anti-EU British people are crying out for some sensible reporting of what actually happens in the EU. Not many of us use the blogs, but this is where one is likely to find real insight and comment.

As a 'for instance' ALL of the British press, still reports that David Cameron 'vetoed' a 'treaty' two weeks ago, which of course is not what happened at all, one cannot veto a non existent treaty. If and when one arrives, I am pretty certain that Cameron will be the first one to the big book, with his 'Mont Blanc' to sign on the dotted line, and to hell with the city. Oddly, the only MP's that pointed this out were Jack Straw and Austin Mitchell.

As for civil servants being the servants of the people, they are in fact servants of the state, and they move very slowly, they are still acting out a policy that was designed in 1923, the Salter/Monnet plan. They are the silent government that nobody elects and only a very strong leader could hope to divert from their glacial progress towards completion of 'the project'.

If Bernard Geerlings is the best hope we have, gawd love us.

Fortunately we have some altogether more astute people in young UKIP.

Weekend Yachtsman said...

"Whether or not most people want to leave the EU"

Well let's have a referendum, then, after which either we'll shut up, or you can.

What's that? You won't allow one?

Wonder why...