Wednesday, December 07, 2011

More Propaganda films from the European Parliament

Just let me get this straight. Here we have the European Parliament propaganda channel EuroparlTV attempting to rewrite history.

It flags up the Hubble Telescope, the SoHo probe these are heralded, the obvious idea is that they were in some way EU inspired. The only key project that is entirely EU driven was the launch of Mars Express.

And yes the Beagle Mars Explorer. You remember the Beagle, it was a massive success according to this broadcast.

Or in reality from AFP

Beagle 2 Mars Lander Doomed From The Start

Severe organisational failures lie behind the loss of Beagle 2, the UK-lead space probe to Mars which vanished shortly before it landed on the Red Planet late last year, an official inquiry reported Monday.
Investigators were not able to place the blame on a single failure or shortcoming, an official told a press conference in London.
However such were the worries about the mission ahead of its launch that one leading member of the European Space Agency (ESA) said that he had wondered whether it might have been better cancelled.
 And remember, Europarl TV is such a good deal as was revealed this week,
A TV channel for the European Parliament, which has only 830 viewers a day, costs £7 million a year.

EuroparlTV shows parliamentary conferences and committee sittings and also educational video recordings to MEPs and staff, according to the Sun.

The channel started its operation in 2008 and so far it has cost £26 million. Most of the shows telecast on the channel are translated into 22 languages, including Irish, which is spoken by around 80,000 people.

The channel was labeled by critics as "an expensive joke" and "a propaganda tool."

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