Wednesday, November 02, 2011

UKIP's poll rise is real, significant and sustainable

As this graph from Anthony Wells of YouGov shows since the general election the steady growth of UKIP is one of the most intersting developements in British politics.

This is of course in part because of the growth of the European Union in people's conciousness, but as Wells points out has many other causes.

The bottom line is that this isn't some flash in the pan, but somethng that isn't going away.


Pat Nurse MA said...

I support UKIP because UKIP is the only party listening to me.

I want one simple thing in life - Freedom of Choice - such a little thing to ask but the LibLabCon's refusal to provide it means I have come over to the only party that will treat me as if I am somebody too.

Without freedom of choice, freedom of thought, freedom of action, and freedom of speech, we are slaves and Britain never, never, never ....

ThisisnotBritannica said...

UKIP is a breath of fresh air; and it represents the best of the UK

It also resists the worst of Eurofascism.

And the fact that UKIP understand that the UK is, and should reinforce its position as, a global trading force free from EU economic baggage is exactly the right attitude for acheiving the economic growth that the UK is clamoring for these days.

My only surprise about UKIP's rise is that it took so long.

JPPaul88 said...

Let's hope UKIP rises even more quickly. We need someone in charge who actually cares about democracy.
And a politician with actual principles?!
No, surely not.

david said...

this government,and the previous one have not only betrayed the british people,but democacy its self.UKIP is the only sane father spent six years at war to protect this country and its freedom, now i want that country back,so cameron,clegg,and all the other self serving traitors,go crawl under a rock in shame,you are a disgrace...