Wednesday, November 09, 2011

JIm Updated: or The Cost of the EU

Hillaire Belloc rather nailed it
You know—or at least you ought to know,
For I have often told you so—
That Countries never are allowed
To leave their Treaties in a Crowd;
Open Europe have released their heavily trailed new paper "Repatriating EU social policy: The best choice for jobs and growth? , and interesting reading it makes indeed.

This graph rather makes a very clear point about the impact of regulatory control of teh European Union on British buisness.

Now we must remember that this graph is merely a distillation of the regulatory impact. It in no way includes the direct costs of EU membership, such as the subscription fee of £45 million a day and so on. I reject the arguement that we get miney back from the EU at about 50p in the pound. That may be true but to hand over cash to your neighbour, who then gives half of it back and orders you to spend just so, and then to trumpet the fact through advertising the neighbour's generosity, to my mind doesn't count. It is just possible that we in the UK would like to spend our money differently. Of course we might agree with some of the EU's ideas of good spending, but that should be up to us.

Anyhow take a look at this graph and weep for the British unemployed.

Belloc of course suggested that we must,
always keep a-hold of Nurse
For fear of finding something worse.
But seriously, tell me what could be worse?


Anonymous said...

How much wealth does the EU destroy with its odious regulations?

I reckon around 8000 euros/second.

Anonymous said...

How many non jobs does the EU create for useless beurocrats to create more of this destructive legislation, yes probably the same 8000 parasites/second.

Anonymous said...

Like most europhiles, Open Europe says it wants repatriation/renegotiation.

The EU has always been devoted to "ever closer union among the peoples of Europe" and therefore does not allow for renegotiation or a la carte arrangements (Schengen and EMU excepted). You can no more renegotiate EU membership than you can renegotiate a pregnancy from seven months to two months. You must either stick with it and see it through to full term - the birth of a superstate - or abort.

Typical dishonesty from the Tory front organisation

Gawain Towler said...

Their analysis is sound, then their ambition takes over.

The facts are great, and well researched and well argued. It is when they pretend with culpable niavety or worse that this can be improved without withdrawal that they lose touch with reality (but stay in touch with their financial backers).