Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Government's phoney war on Europe.

The Government's phoney war on Europe.

Dave says he's a sceptic, Nick says he isn't, and the British public are being gulled into thinking that there are real differences between the two parties' positions.

With UKIP slowly rising in the polls, and last night's figures from YouGov suggesting that UKIP is now hitting 5% in every electoral area in Great Britain, the Prime Minister is trying to position himself as a great defender of Britain against the ravages of the European Union. In order to help this sleight of hand it appears that Nick Clegg is joining in the deception, by sketching out an idea that their is a gulf between the two members of the coalition.

Dave says,
"But we sceptics have a vital point. We should look sceptically at grand
plans and utopian visions. We've a right to ask what the European Union should and shouldn't do - and change it accordingly."

And Nick says
"Clearly the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats, and David
Cameron and myself, think differently on European issues... I don't think anyone is talking about unilateral repatriation of powers. It's not possible, and Europe doesn't work like that."

Oddly of course it is Nick that is half right here. Nobody is (seriously) talking about repatriation of powers. Cameron is trying to talk to his own membership such is his fear of us in UKIP and our simple and popular position on Britain's relationship with the European Union.

Here are ten good reasons why Cameron's claim to be a Eurosceptic are false
1 He reneged on Cast Iron Guarantee to hold EU treaty referendum

He argues of course that it was only cast iron in the sense that if somebody else did it then his promise was meaningless. He knows that is not how it was going to be taken, indeed he deliberately muddied the waters. he also we must remember said that he wouldn't let things rest there if the Lisbon Treaty was passed. Well weirdly he has been true to his word.

2 Changed Tory Fisheries policy, No longer calls for repatriation of territorial waters.

His first act on becoming leader of the Conservative Party was to drop a longstanding policy to repatriate British coastal waters and opt out of the Common Fisheries Policy. He had been told that to do so would be incompatible with our membership of the EU. The policy had to go.

3. Supported EU regulation of the City

Conservative MEPs in the European Parliament have consistently voted for the creation of three EU super regulators, leaving the command and control of the City of London in the hands of Eurocrats who are not sympathetic to British systems and ways of doing business. It is estimated that the impact on the City will be devastating as companies and jobs flee the onslaught of EU regulation.

4. Supports entry of Turkey to the EU -encouraging mass immigration

How can he claim to be interested in controlling our borders and of reigning in the ambitions of the European Union when he is Europe's biggest cheerleader for brin g ing Turkey into the EU. Time and time again he has championed Turkish entry, despite the wildly different economic status of Turkey. Good friends yes, part of the EU no.

5. Supported creation of EU External Action Service.

And encouraged the usurpation by the unelected Cathy Ashton of British diplomatic and Foreign policy positions, not least the grant to the EU, and Ashton in particular of speaking rights at the UN, the preserve of nation states.

6. Failure to reduce EU budget / allows increase despite promises.

He promised to the House of Commons he would either reduce the EU's annual budget, or the least block it. Then came back from Brussels claiming that a 2.6% increase was a victory. If so he was triumphing in a victory for the EU against Britain.

7. Supports the creation of Eurozone core which would leave the UK in a permanent minority position.

For centuries the core of British Foreign policy has been to ensure that no European continental power has the ability to dominate Europe. Cameron and George Osborne are now demanding just that. Overturning the wisdom of Pitt, Palmerston, Gladstone, Lloyd George, Churchill et al. How can this be in the national interest? After all it will create a permanent majority in the Council of Ministers which means that Britain will always be outvoted on any subject in future.

8. Prepared to have 40 billion pounds UK money go via the IMF to the Eurozone Bailout

Despite the promises and evasions, it is now clear that the promise not be involved in any Eurozone bailout is a fabrication. By doubling our contribution to the IMF emergency fund, Britain has made itself increasingly liable to being involved in the Euro bailouts.

9. Rolled over to Agency Worker directive and other EU laws which harm UK business and jobs.

These directives alone, which he has accepted are set to cost the British economy billions and put hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk. To then claim that he is fighting against regulations is ridiculous.

10. Forced Three line whip on EU referendum debate in the Commons.

If Cameron wanted a strong negotiating position in the European Union, then he could just offer that referendum. Without it our continental friends will just igno r e him. By punishing those in the Parliament who defended the wishes of their constituents, in order to pander to the wishes of the Eurocrats - and looking at what has happened in Greece since the Commons vote, this is no idle threat he shows where his true loyalty lies.

Of course Cameron's attempts to paint himself a 'sceptic' are in vain. Just as the markets react to the latest move from Brussels to prop up their dreams so do the people of Britain see through his evasions. A year ago a final plan to save the Euro would have a weeks grace in the markets, this week the imposition of technocratic Prime Ministers in Greece and Italy forced a dip in Bond spreads that lasted less than 24hrs. So it is with Mr Cameron's protestations about his Eurosceptic credentials.

The markets see through the failures of the Eurozone. The people see through the failures of Cameron to defend the countries interests

Face it Dave. Nobody believes you any more.


Anonymous said...

"But we sceptics have a vital point. We should look sceptically at grand plans and utopian visions. We've a right to ask what the European Union should and shouldn't do - and change it accordingly."

Did he really say this?

Does he not see the irony?

Is it not a utopian vision in which a town hall leader of the calibre of David Cameron, thinks that he can even influence the plans of 26 other town hall leaders (most of whom have a bit more savvy), let alone change them?

As a cab driver said to me the other day…

'angin's too good fer 'im...

Gawain Towler said...

He is deluded, but this isn't about achieving anything other than the reassurence of his own base, to try to stop them slipping off to UKIP

Roger Mellie said...

Very informative post, I note that cheerleaders of David Cameron have quiet about some of those 'achievements' of his.

Let's a hope a certain newspaper gives up pretending that Cameron is only ostensibly a Euro-sceptic